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Experience the Unforgettable Magic of “Cirque: The Greatest Show”. Witness a breathtaking fusion of musical theatre and jaw-dropping circus spectacular in “Cirque.” This award-winning sensation is the talk of 2023, offering a kaleidoscope of color and mesmerizing performances that will leave you spellbound. Join us for an extraordinary night like no other. Book your seats now and be part of the magic that is “Cirque: The Greatest Show.” Read reviews below to see the impact of this unforgettable experience.

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Cirque: The Greatest Show - ITV News Appearance


Claire Mcglasson joins the cast of ‘Cirque:The Greatest Show’ for a sneak preview of what the show has to offer.

“The West-End and Broadway hit ‘Cirque’ opens at the Royal & Derngate Theatre this very evening!”

“And Claire McGlasson is there for us just ahead of the curtain going up! Claire you’ve run away to join the circus…”


Blackpool performers brought dangerous stunt acts to the Comedy Carpet to promote homegrown musical 'Cirque: The Greatest Show'


The dazzling spectacle started out as a small show at hotels on the Blackpool seafront. Now the group, which includes three former Bispham High School pupils, are performing at the UK’s biggest venues including a recent performance at London’s iconic O2. 

Max Fox, producer, said: “There’s a certain magic about bringing ‘Cirque: The Greatest Show’ back to Blackpool, where our dreams took flight. The community’s unwavering support has been instrumental in our journey…

Escape into a world of circus and musical theatre at the Tyne Theatre this summer.


The incredibly talented cast of the amazing Cirque: The Greatest Show, took to the stage of  Newcastle’s Tyne Theatre and Opera House last weekend, and absolutely took my breath away.

Created by performing arts production company, Entertainers, Cirque: The Greatest Show, really lived up to its name.

Goffy at the weekend

18 JUNE, 2023 BY GOFFY: at 1:48:10

…Cirque is there the 15th and 16th at the Hippodrome in Darlington. It’s really an escape from the ordinary world as I was explaining to you when I first started to talk about this show which I was able to see for the first time in Sunderland.

Its kind of musical theatre meets jaw dropping circus spectacular, I suppose that’s the best way to talk about it. But it also features a lot of the West-End and Broadway favourites – it’s tremendous…

Cirque solidifies itself as The Greatest Show with musical marvel at Eden Court


From kids jumping out of their seats as aerial acrobats spun through the air, to groups of friends grabbing each other’s arms as fireworks erupted from the stage.

With a name like Cirque: The Greatest Show, combined with the fact that it’s headed to a sold-out run in Aberdeen’s P&J Live, it’s safe to say I was expecting big things.

Cirque revolves around a mime artist – played by Britain’s Got Talent finalist and Magic Circle member Christian Lee – who lives his life in black and white before getting his first colour TV. 

Escape into a world of circus and musical theatre at the Tyne Theatre this summer.

18 JUNE, 2023 BY GOFFY: at 1:08:10

It reminded much of those big shows when you’re out in America, if you’re fortunate to get there, in Las Vegas. And you can see it’s just simply on another level this show.

I was blown away with it, one of those shows that you see and you “think how good is that”. I just looked online and for the show that’s at Billingham Forum tonight, there’s only about 8 seats left which is no surprise…