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Experience the world’s favorite George Michael Celebration, straight from London’s West End! Fastlove, the sensational tribute show, has captivated audiences in 18 countries, selling over 250,000 tickets worldwide. Join us for an unforgettable night as our talented cast recreates the magic of the late great George Michael. Relive the classics and make new memories as we pay homage to one of the world’s greatest musicians. This stunning production features a full video and light show, as we try and respectfully recreate the soundtrack to your life. From Wham hits to his glittering solo career, including “Wake Me Up,” “Father Figure,” “Freedom 90,” and more, we have it all. Fastlove: a tribute show for the fans.

Please note that this show is not affiliated with any original artists/estates/management companies.

Review of ‘FastLove’: “I wanna dance with somebody”


Fastlove plays no tricks. Nor does it put on any disguises. It is what it is: a feast of tunes to commemorate the artist both company and audience idolize. It makes that statement from the very beginning – simply and plainly. Yet, there’s nothing simple or plain about the show, which is actually spot-on. Not really an impersonation (a concept they’ve made quite clearly they want to depart from), the show however is able to bring back a few images – while, at the same time, giving its own signature through a cast that delivers the concert with impeccable standards.

Fastlove: A tribute to George Michael – Adelphi Theatre


…when I spoke with people afterwards, they were unified that Fastlove had exceeded their expectations, and I have to agree. I don’t remember the last show I went to where I was on my feet dancing and singing from the opening bars. If you want a fun night out – I would definitely hotfoot it to Fastlove.

Fast Love: A Tribute to George Michael – Adelphi Theatre, London


In an auditorium full of George Michael fans singing and dancing throughout, it’s infectious fun and thoroughly entertaining. For those who aren’t as familiar, it’s no different. His music is timeless and this is a fitting celebration of his work and the closest you can get to the real thing.

Fastlove Review - Adelphi Theatre London

21 JUNE, 2023 BY Outthere1971

Joseph Sansome takes to the stage for one night only in the Adelphi Theatre, home to the West End hit Back to the Future. Bringing life to a range of the late George Michael’s music hits in the touring production of Fast Love. The audience members at tonight’s performance were certainly ready to party.

Sansome is almost pitch-perfect to the late star’s voice. Modelling himself loosely on Michael with neatly trimmed facial hair and dressed in some of the iconic attire worn by George…

Fastlove - Review - Adelphi Theatre

20 JUNE, 2023

  1. A Talented Cast Led by Joseph Sansome: The heart and soul of Fastlove lies in its talented cast, led by the charismatic Joseph Sansome as George Michael. With his mesmerizing vocals and captivating stage presence, Sansome pays a heartfelt tribute to the legendary musician. His ability to embody the essence of George Michael is truly remarkable, leaving audiences in awe. 

Fastlove Review - Adelphi Theatre London


Joseph sounds uncannily like George Michael and has the look to match. We are then treated to some of George Micheal’s all time classic songs from his early days with Wham moving to his solo career. Songs that echo the trials and tribulation of his life through the haunting lyrics he wrote.

The backdrop to the songs were visual displays of graphics and some cheesy moves from Joseph as George.