Forever: king of pop

FOREVER: KING OF POP is the only show in the world endorsed by the Jackson Family. It is an emotional and deep intense journey through Michael Jackson’s greatest hits,.

With over tan 700.000 spectators and after touring internationally in countries such us MEXICO, FRANCE, GERMANY, POLAND, RUSSIA, SPAIN or PORTUGAL, FOREVER will delight The King of Pop lovers.

Michael Jackson left a legacy not only musical but philosophy of life that 10 years later remains in force.

An awarded staging, stunning audio-visual design, the best voices, musicians, dancers, hip-hop artists and effects that will surprise Michael’s fans; FOREVER: KING OF POP is a unique opportunity to enjoy one of the most successful shows of the year.

The King of Pop is still alive and you will enjoy him more than ever if you take this ride with us.

The show is too good to be true.  I seemed to see Michael there…’

Joseph Jackson

‘Is not only his talent and his music, on stage, but also his heart. 

I´d like to see this show in Broadway.’

La Toya Jackson

‘The show is great, everyone did a wonderful work.’

Jermaine Jackson

Tour Dates

& Tickets

Date/Time Event Location Contact

Sat 5:00 PM

Oct 2019

Forever Euskalduna Bilbao
Avda. Abandoibarra, 4 · 48011, , Bilbao
Box Office:

Fri 7:30 PM

Oct 2019

Forever Centro Cultural Teatro
Centro Cultural Teatro, Centro Cultural Teatro
Box Office:

Sat 7:30 PM

Nov 2019

Forever Auditorium de palma de mallorca
Paseo Marítimo, Palma de Mallorca
Box Office:

Tue 7:30 PM

Nov 2019

Forever L’acclameur
Rue Darwin, 79000 Niort
Box Office:

Thu 7:30 PM

Nov 2019

Forever Casino De Paris
Paris, Paris
Box Office:

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