Gaelforce Dance

A stirring tale of Love, Passion, Tragedy and Energy

Beautiful ballads, striking choreography and a compelling story-line

Scattered around the world like seeds on the wind, they are propelled by the powerful rhythms and motifs of a mysterious and exuberant ancient culture. Music is the soul, the very lifeblood of their tradition. It binds them together even as it sets them apart.

For those of Celtic origin, this driving passion for music and dance is the keystone of their identity. Their response to melody, lyric and the criss-crossing rhythms of Irish dance is reflexive, intuitive and filled with joy. The Irish embrace their musical culture like no other nation. And their pride in artistry is its own reward. Above all else, it is this natural affinity with music and song that has given Celtic peoples a truly global voice.

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Every thundering dance tune and plaintive melody is a separate thread in the broad and colourful tapestry of Celtic music. Gaelforce Dance is a show that expertly weaves these strands together. Hours of premium entertainment, beautiful ballads, striking choreography and a compelling story-line intertwine effortlessly to form a vivid and rewarding link with the past. It is a stirring tale of a Love, Passion, Tragedy and Energy.

In this glittering production, Ireland’s most accomplished dancers, musicians and singers present a spell-binding and exhilarating picture of a proud people and their passion.

Their stories live large in the power and majesty of their music and hypnotic fury of dancing Irish feet.

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