Stuart Michael: The Psychic Medium Press & Reviews

Unveil the Mysteries with Stuart Michael: The Psychic Medium

Experience a thrilling and intriguing night of psychic mediumship with Stuart Michael. With a worldwide celebrity client list, Stuart brings his quick-witted humor, sensitivity, and extraordinary abilities to the stage. Prepare to be amazed as he connects with the spirit world, delivering direct messages and interpreting recurring dreams. Open your mind to this unique and unforgettable experience. Read reviews below to see the impact of Stuart Michael: The Psychic Medium.

Stuart Michael, the Psychic Medium - Wonderville, London


A surprisingly down-to-earth figure, Michael starts by defining the different kinds of skills he shall be displaying. The first is psychic, the ability to see into the past, present or future; the second is mediumship, where he connects with “those who have passed” and the third is dream interpretation…

Ultimately, all forms of performance involve an audience suspending their disbelief and entering into a game with the performer. A believer will experience far more than a game but even a sceptic can enjoy Stuart Michael as a skilled and enjoyable entertainer.